“You’re An Agent of Russian Disinformation!” – Lt. Col. Vindman SLAMS Tulsi Gabbard After Filling In For Tucker Carlson

"You're An Agent of Russian Disinformation!" - Lt. Col. Vindman SLAMS Tulsi Gabbard After Filling In For Tucker Carlson
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On Friday, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman criticized former Representative Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat, over remarks she made about sanctioning Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Tulsi Gabbard, one of the only reasonable Democrats left in this country, got into some hot water with liberals over what she said on Fox News,

According to Newsweek, Retired US Army lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman criticized former Hawaii Democrat Representative Tulsi Gabbard for remarks she made Friday about sanctions against Russia.

While filling in for Tucker Carlson Tonight, Gabbard said that Europe is facing a “massive energy crisis” as a result of Russia sanctions, which she described as “nothing short of a modern-day siege.”

During the March invasion, the U.S. banned all Russian oil imports as a response to Russian aggression. Biden promised to make sure the sanctions harm the Russian economy, not our own.

Vindman, who was dismissed from the National Security Council (NSC) in 2020 by former President Donald Trump, called Gabbard a “liar” seeking “self promotion.”

He wrote on Twitter on Saturday, “You are a liar @TulsiGabbard. You lie for notoriety and self promotion. Worse yet, as an agent of Russian disinformation you promote Russian aggression and endanger America. You have picked a side. Your side is Russia and authoritarianism,”

Following Vindman’s testimony at the impeachment trial, the then-president Trump fired him.

Biden has previously been criticized by the former congresswoman, who has warned the Biden administration to take the Russian nuclear threat seriously.

While conservatives may have loved Gabbard’s appearance on Fox, liberals online had a complete meltdown,

According to TownHall, After Gabbard’s Fox News appearance, leftist Twitter was NOT happy. Here are a few of their tasty tears sprinkled with all the usual canards.

Wajahat Ali Tweeted, “Looking forward to hearing from the progressive defenders of Tulsi Gabbard, who guest-hosted Tucker Carlson’s show tonight.”

Another Twitter Blue check tweeted, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, @USArmy Lieutenant Colonel Tulsi Gabbard filling in for white nationalist @TuckerCarlson tonight on Fox. Tonight she’s on taking about how “we the people” need to stand up against the “intelligence community and security state.”

One man with Ukraine in his name said, “Tulsi Gabbard is filling in for Tucker Carlson on Fox “News”! Hillary Clinton & Kamala Harris called Tulsi out that Dems can NOT Trust her whatsoever. Hillary continues to be RIGHT about everything. #ButHerEmails America!”

Gabbard is, of course, a rare open-minded Democrat who is willing to be based on key issues even if they go against the woke party line. That stand has already made her a frequent guest on all the primetime Fox News shows. Could it eventually make her a full-time employee and even a host? Only time will tell, but it was a heck of a debut performance.

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