UNWOKE WIN: Top Gun: Maverick Sets its sights on Marvel’s Record

UNWOKE WIN: Top Gun: Maverick Sets its sights on Marvel’s Record
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The unwoke blockbuster that Hollywood should be taking its cues from, Top Gun: Maverick, continues to be a box office hit, and is closely closing up to one of Marvel Studios top grossing films of all time.

Maverick has just overtaken Titanic to become the seventh highest grossing movie of all time with 662 million dollars to-date in sales. Maverick now has his aim trained in onto the next target on the list. 

placing second. Adding $7.1 million over the weekend, the action sequel has now earned $673.8 million domestically. “Maverick” is roughly $5 million away from dethroning Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” as the sixth-highest-grossing movie in domestic history.

There is a specific reason Maverick is doing so well, and anyone who has seen it knows the answer.

Red State writes. There is no doubt that INFINITY WAR was a monumental achievement. In one perfectly executed movie, Walt Disney/Marvel created characters, arranged storylines, and pushed the limits of computer animation. Compared to MAVERICK, it is a humble film, but people are willing to pay for it. The reason for this is that MAVERICK is the diamond in the rough. A rose among thorns. In the midst of a hot, stuffy room, it’s like a breath of fresh air. MAVERICK was a welcome return to normalcy after years of Hollywood pushing “the message” down our throats. There was no preaching or pandering. Great acting and cinematography made this a solid tale. The movie reminded us that movies can be good.

It appears that the American people we’re ready for a really good sequel. The movie didn’t try to pander to anything. It stuck to the original storyline and it delivered action-packed scenes and top-notch acting. There was no overt or subtle social inputs from the WOKE mob. They stuck to making a movie, and skipped the pandering nonsense.

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Next News Network Team

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