DeSantis Announces Location of Graveyard For Wokeness – Guess Where?

DeSantis Announces Location of Graveyard For Wokeness - Guess Where?
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Ron DeSantis has implemented a number of policies to stop wokeness dead in its tracks and now we know where they are buried.

As we all know Ron DeSantis has not been scared to take on the liberal agenda. whether he’s fighting George Soros, Disney, or the liberal mobs, everything he’s doing is to try to keep his state safe.

Daily wire writes.  Earlier this year, DeSantis signed legislation banning classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to third grade – a move opposed by Disney. During his tenure as governor, DeSantis repeatedly vowed that Disney would “never run this state” and signed legislation eliminating the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a special governing and taxing district that hosts Disney World. As a result of social unrest during the summer of 2020, Critical Race Theory (CRT) and radical gender ideology infiltrated government education at a rapid pace. As part of a press conference about the upcoming school year, Governor DeSantis pledged to continue opposing such trends.

Desantis has been stomping on woke policies ever since he took office, and has zero intentions of stopping. But when it comes to the safety of his citizens, Desantis has no issues making the hard decisions. 

Tampa Bay Times Reports. On August 4th, Governor Ron DeSantis removed Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren from office. DeSantis cited Warren’s disregard for his duty to enforce state laws, including his pledge not to prosecute those undergoing abortions or their doctors.

DeSantis, flanked by police from throughout Tampa Bay, said Warren had “put himself publicly above the law” by signing letters saying he would not enforce laws prohibiting gender-affirming care or abortion restrictions.

In accordance with the state Constitution, DeSantis suspended Warren, effectively firing him.

Governor DeSantis is a true leader. He takes the necessary steps he feels necessary to in order to protect our kids, and to secure our American way of life. He battles the “woke” agenda daily and sets an example for the rest of the Governors. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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