THIS IS GOOD-BYE. Liberal state FORCES people to flee in droves, U-Hauls SCARCE 

THIS IS GOOD-BYE. Liberal state FORCES people to flee in droves, U-Hauls SCARCE
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 U-Hauls are in short supply as people leave California in search of greener pastures. Stay with me during this report as I show you what life is like in the heart of liberalism gone wrong.

Everyone knows that California is a liberal wasteland and it’s no surprise that people are fleeing in droves. However, nobody expected U-Haul rentals to be hard to find in the USA’s 3rd largest state. 

According to KUSI News. Despite growing by over 2 million people since 2010, California’s population has stagnated since 2017. One year later, people are moving to other states, and U-Haul is running out of trucks.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley says Democrats policies have resulted in high taxes, unfriendly business regulations, and a high cost of living that have caused residents to move away.

On Good Evening San Diego, Kiley discussed the continued loss of residents.

It’s no secret why people are leaving California in droves – Democrat policies are letting criminals run wild. 

For example, according to KRON 4 News, The owner of a laundromat business has moved his entire family out of the Bay Area. Eventually, his businesses may follow.

The outlet notes that the problem is a “wave of crime” that was caught on video.

According to the American Community Survey, 653,551 residents left the state in 2019 – which is about 2% of the state’s total population. 

One person who left the state wrote on the back of their U-Haul, “Bye California! One more taxpayer not funding your bad ideas!”

It’s no secret that California is in a bit of trouble these days. The economy is struggling, taxes are high, and the state is plagued by both natural and man-made disasters. But some people say that the real reason behind California’s decline is its political climate. In recent years, liberals have taken control of the state government, passing a series of policies that many conservatives believe are destroying everything that makes California great. As a result, an increasing number of people are fleeing the state in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a U-Haul when you’re trying to escape a liberal dystopia. Still, the 2022 RED WAVE May provide hope for California – even if it seems like the state is headed for oblivion.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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