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You may have heard that schools are starting up again and with it, there’s a controversial requirement for kids at Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky – they have to wear masks.  Luckily, the GOP is fighting back. 

As schools are starting up, certain school systems all over the country are making kids forced to wear masks. 

Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky will have a mandatory mask mandate this upcoming school year for all students and staff, according to The Courier Journal. The decision comes as three school board members who wanted to have mask-wearing be optional were outvoted by those who wanted masks to be mandatory. 

However, the state’s attorney general is taking action amid the mask controversy in Jefferson County. 

According to WDRB News. The Kentucky Attorney General urged the Jefferson County Board of Education to drop its mask mandate “immediately” in a letter sent Tuesday.

In the letter, Cameron, who is also running for the Republican nomination for governor in 2023, said his office is also investigating whether a mask mandate could be imposed at Jefferson County Public Schools.

“While my Office continues to review whether JCPS has the authority to impose such health policies, I write to urge the Board to terminate its mask mandate immediately. The mandate harms children, unduly burdens teachers, and is bad public policy,” the Attorney General’s letter partially states.

Other states around the country are also imposing a mask mandate this school year for students.

Democrat-run Prince George’s County, Maryland is also forcing students and staff to wear masks.

Also, in Philadelphia schools, Pre-K kids must mask up all year long.

When I saw the clip of the FOX News host calling masking “child abuse,” I was absolutely alarmed. As a parent, I can’t imagine anything worse than putting my child in a situation where they are being forced to use an unprescribed medical device. It’s bad enough that they have to go to school and sit in classrooms all day, but to have to wear a mask on top of that is just too much. Especially at this stage. I’m glad to see that there are elected officials like Kentucky’s Attorney General who are willing to take a stand against these unnecessary mandates. It’s time for the school board members who are dictating these rules to be held accountable. Our children deserve better than this.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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