Biden Energy Czar PUBLICLY MOCKED Following Tone Deaf Comments To Poor People

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Biden’s Energy Czar, Jenifer Granholm has gone off the deep end. Her latest suggestion for the poor? Drop thousands of dollars on solar panels for their homes in order to help “save the planet.”

Liberal lunacy is at an all-time high and this latest suggestion from Jennifer Granholm is just sick.

According to the Daily Wire, in response to Jennifer Granholm’s suggestion that solar panels and other green energy initiatives could help lower to middle class Americans fight the rising costs of living, critics absolutely destroyed the Energy Secretary.

As part of her appearance on Fox News Sunday, Granholm explained how the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act could impact everyday Americans who face record-high inflation, food, gasoline, and energy prices. The act is now billed as a tax, energy, and health care bill.

However, critics quickly pointed out that people who struggled to feed their children or wondered how they would afford gas to get to work were not waiting on a 30%-off sale to switch to solar — they were simply trying their best to get by.

FOX News notes, the Inflation Reduction Act offers homeowners thousands of dollars in tax breaks and rebates for upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient. The rebate is available to households with income below 80% of the area median income, up to $14,000, and to households with income between 80% and 150% of the area median income, up to $14,000. In addition, solar panels and other renewable energy measures are eligible for a 30% tax credit under the bill.

This administration’s expectations from the American people is just unbelievable. Instead of working to help struggling citizens in real-time, they instead float nonsense ideas that cost an arm and a leg – which is insulting and disgraceful.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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