YES!!! Alphabet People DEVASTATED After School Board Crushes Their Plans To Go After Your Children

YES!!! Alphabet People DEVASTATED After School Board Crushes Their Plans To Go After Your Children
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 In a devastating move by a Wisconsin school board, the alphabet people will not be happy when political symbols are removed from classrooms.

Across the country school boards are voting to remove certain flags from classrooms, like the BLM flag, and pride flags. Citing them as unnecessary political messaging targeting our nation’s youth.

Fox news Reports. Due to what school leaders say is political messaging, a Wisconsin school board voted to ban gay pride and Black Lives Matter flags from classrooms.

Prior to the vote, Superintendent Stephen Plum said, “Teachers and administration will not have political flags or religious messaging in their classroom or on their person.”

The Kettle Moraine School Board voted last Tuesday to maintain a code of conduct that the superintendent interpreted as prohibiting teachers from displaying political or religious messages in the classroom. Political messages include gay pride flags, BLM flags, and “We Back the Badge” signs. Among the school board members, only one voted against the ban, saying his decision was based on conversations with concerned students and staff. In addition, teachers are prohibited from including their preferred pronouns in their email signatures.

Schools across the country are making similar moves to remove the political symbols from their classrooms.

Independent reports. Schools in multiple US states are now banning the display of LGBTQ+ flags on their premises, calling them political and divisive.

Several students and teachers have resigned, protested or been suspended for voicing their opinions about the bans.

In the latest move to join the campaign, an Oregon school board voted on Tuesday to prohibit schools from displaying pride or Black Lives Matter (BLM) symbols in classrooms.

As part of its effort to maintain a “neutral” stance on all issues, a Utah school district has also banned LGBTQ pride flags and BLM flags from being displayed.

Kids should be allowed to grow up to make their own life choices, and not have ideologies shoved down their throats. When our children are in their most formative years they are being taught ideals that are in direct contradiction to their families beliefs and moral structures. Further teachers are making moves to radicalize our children for leftist activists. We need more school districts to step up and save our children.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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