Biden RIPPED A New One On LIVE TV When Charles Payne CRUSHES Joe’s ABUSE OF POWER

Biden RIPPED A New One On LIVE TV When Charles Payne CRUSHES Joe's ABUSE OF POWER
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Biden is contemplating wiping even more student loan debt as the nation slides further into a recession, with historic inflation numbers.

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As the nation’s debt continues to spiral out of control, as inflation rises to even more historic highs – Joe Biden considers printing even more money to cover student loan debt. 

Fox news reports. Charles Payne ripped into President Joe Biden’s approach to student loans and gas prices on Monday.

By considering a pause on student loans, the Biden administration is benefiting “the most fortunate” in the country.

Let’s watch.

Some Democrats have even pushed back on Biden’s supposed power to cancel student debt.

Next News Network previously reported. There’s a reason people think Biden has this power, since he keeps saying, or at least insinuating, that he does, as it relates to student loans. Strangely enough, Nancy Pelosi pushed back:

Lets watch.

As Joe Biden is trying to show everyone, the only way to combat inflation is to print more money. The deferred payments would help students in the short term, but the students would be paying it back 10 fold in increased costs across the board. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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