LOL! Police Just Bragged About Getting This Gun Off The Street. Wait Until You See It

LOL! Police Just Bragged About Getting This Gun Off The Street. Wait Until You See It
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When police make a big bust they often publicize it… and they should! When dangerous drugs or weapons are taken off the streets, citizens should know what they are and how law enforcement are making us safer. A Canadian police force recently posted about their latest big bust and it made them a laughing stock. Wait until you see why.

The Toronto police just bragged about getting this gun off the streets, but it may not be the weapon of war you are picturing.

NotTheBee reported, In a tweet with the hashtag #offthestreets, the Toronto Police posted THIS photo to their official twitter account.

The gun that hasn’t been fired since the Civil War is now safely in police custody, making Toronto residents safer than ever. Finally, we will be able to get justice for crimes committed before the Union-Pacific Railroad was built!

Seriously, this thing is so rusty that they probably fished it out of a lake. The post itself is laughable but the replies are even better.

One twitter user responded saying “Can’t believe George Washington would do this” to which another replied, “Even dead, George would keep his guns in better condition.”

Another person poked fun at the hashtag and commented, “#offthemarianastrench this week”

Someone else responded to the post saying “This thing is older than the country itself”. They are probably right.

This isn’t the only gun the Toronto Police have courageously taken off the street. Yesterday they posted this gun on their official Twitter account as well. Nice. This thing is literally being held together by tape. You have to wonder if it even works.

Great job Toronto police! You really cleaned up the streets

These posts from the Toronto Police Department come after a deadly shooting took place over the weekend.

According to CP24. There has been a Canada-wide arrest warrant issued for a 26-year-old man in connection with a deadly shooting at a nightclub in King West.

Gunshots rang out inside the EFS Social Club shortly after 3 a.m. on Sunday, July 17.

Abdirahman Jimale, 26, of Toronto, is now being sought by police. Among the charges against him are first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated assault.

Toronto man wanted in connection with fatal double shooting inside King  West nightclub |

While the Toronto Police are busy confiscating guns from the civil war, real crimes are taking place. Any deadly weapon taken from criminals and off the streets should be lauded by the public, but these guns look like anything but a threat. Instead perhaps the Toronto PD should get off twitter and start hunting down this criminal at large. We hope to god they catch this man before he commits any more heinous crimes.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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