CA Liberals in PANIC: Liberals Desperate Attempt to Stop Residents Moving to Texas

CA Liberals in PANIC: Liberals Desperate Attempt to Stop Residents Moving to Texas
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In this video, we’re going to take a look at the liberals’ latest desperate attempt to stop residents from moving to Texas.

Residents of California are fed up with the liberal policies that have caused their state to become a fiscal and social disaster. So they’re moving to Texas! But the liberals in California are in a panic, desperately trying to stop them. They know that if conservatives continue to move to Texas, it will spell the end of their stronghold on the west coast. The liberals have launched a series of billboards to warn California Residents not to move to Texas. 

NyPost writes. As record numbers of Californians flee the softer-on-crime Golden State for better quality of life in red states, mysterious new billboards warn residents not to move to Texas.

“The Texas Miracle died in Uvalde. The billboards featured a hooded figure and the slogan “Don’t mess with Texas” crossed out.

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California has experienced an exodus over te last few years.

Newsweek writes. Between 2020 and 2021, nearly 250,000 Californians left the state due to affordability issues. Texas is home to almost one-third of those migrants, according to Census data.

In response to a deadly school shooting at Robb Elementary School in May, the billboards warn residents not to move to Texas. The billboards include messages such as “Don’t move to Texas” and “The Texas miracle died in Uvalde.” The billboards are leased by Foxpoint Media in Chicago, according to NBC.

According to NBC, Matt Cabot, professor of public relations at San Jose State University, the billboard’s reference to Uvalde was a mistake.

Liberals in California are in a panic over the mass exodus of residents to Texas. The state has been dubbed the “Golden State” for its lenient policies on crime and taxation, which have driven up costs of living and made it difficult for many people to make a life there. Now, with record numbers of people fleeing to more affordable states like Texas, liberals are scrambling to find ways to keep Californians from leaving. One method they’ve resorted to is leasing billboards near the border that caution potential migrants against moving to Texas. Texans couldn’t be happier about this development; as more and more Californians flee their high-tax, crime-ridden state for a better quality of life, the liberal stronghold will become increasingly irrelevant.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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