Press FAIL! White House scrambles to clarify Biden’s student debt policy

Press FAIL! White House scrambles to clarify Biden's student debt policy
Press FAIL! White House scrambles to clarify Biden's student debt policy
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Biden unveiled his plan this week to relieve millions of Americans of their student loan debts. Despite this ambitious plan, the Biden administration doesn’t quite seem to know much about it. Wait until you see how incoherent they are when asked simple questions about the bill

Karrine Jean Pierre is back and she as confused as ever.

TownHall reports, For a second day in a row, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre struggled to explain how President Joe Biden plans to pay for the reallocation of $300 billion in student debt from degree holders to the working class.

When asked about how the administration can argue the economy is strong and that the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding while also claiming students can’t pay for their loans, she failed to provide a coherent answer.

Meanwhile, Biden is getting blasted from all sides for reallocating debt payments to the working class. Democrats on the campaign trail are distancing themselves from his position.

Tom Bevan wrote on Twitter, “Biden’s student loan plan “sends the wrong message to the millions without a degree working just as hard to make ends meet. Instead of forgiving student loans for 6-figure earners, we should be working to level the playing field for all Americans.”

Other Democrats across the country reacted negatively to the plan as well.

Axios reports, Democrats running in battleground Senate and House races panned President Biden’s student loan relief plan within hours of its release — a sign of fears that it could alienate swing voters in November.

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election this year, told Axios: “I don’t agree with today’s executive action because it doesn’t address the root problems that make college unaffordable.”

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, facing a competitive race in a state Biden carried by 13 points, said the relief should have been “more targeted” and the administration should have laid out how they’ll pay for it.

Former Obama Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warned Monday: “I hope the Administration does not contribute to inflation macro economically by offering unreasonably generous student loan relief or micro economically by encouraging college tuition increases.”

When it comes to Biden’s student loan plan, Republican senators from Mitt Romney to Josh Hawley are united in opposition. But many Democrats facing the toughest re-election campaigns are at best lukewarm about the emerging plan. So much for buying votes, it looks like this may actually backfire.

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