Protect your Guns! New federal rule targets homemade firearms

Protect your Guns! New federal rule targets homemade firearms
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Gun violence is running rampant across the U.S and the Biden administration is using it as an excuse to restrict our gun rights. Instead of targeting criminals who break the law, once again everyday law abiding citizens are losing their freedoms.

Strap up quick, Biden is coming for your guns

TownHall reports, Homemade firearm kits used to make so-called “ghost guns” will now be legally categorized in the same group with traditional firearms as the Biden administration continues to take aim at the Second Amendment.

This week, President Joe Biden’s new federal rule aimed at cracking down on “ghost guns” went into effect after a judge declined a gun advocacy group’s request to pause the new regulations brought on by the Justice Department.

Under the new rule titled “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms,” the main components used to manufacture ghost guns will be assigned serial numbers as well as requiring purchasers to undergo a background check and require gun retailers to keep records for a longer period of time than they previously had to. CBS has more.

Garland claimed that banning so-called “ghost guns” will help deter crime and make it more difficult for criminals to get their hands on firearms. However, most criminal activity doesn’t involve the use of “ghost guns.”

Bearing Arms columnist Tom Knighton pointed out that only 325 homicides, or 0.36 percent, since 2016 involved “ghost guns.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich also opposes Biden’s rule, saying that it is unnecessary.

“The ATF is attempting to overshoot the authority granted to it by Congress,” Brnovich said. “The rulemakings are unconstitutional, impractical, and would likely put a large number of parts manufacturers out of business,” Brnovich said.

Another great plan by the Biden administration. Restrict legal gun owners and take out American businesses. Why should legal gun owners pay the price for the wrongs of criminals?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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