Docey SCHOOLS Education Secretary On Student Loans

Docey SCHOOLS Education Secretary On Student Loans
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In this heated exchange between the labor secretary and Docey, Docey reminds the secretary that America is struggling and the secretaries attempt to spin that fails epically.

Peter Docey takes no prisoners when it comes to holding the government accountable. Biden’s Education secretary Miguel was out trying to sell Americans on why canceling hundreds of billions of dollars in loans was a good idea. Docey Immediately struck him down.

Western Journal reports. Following President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $300 billion student loan “forgiveness,” Fox News’ Peter Doocy spoke with Education Secretary Miguel A. Cardona.

During the interview, Cardona – after being repeatedly asked by Doocy – revealed what many Americans already knew: The student loan handout offers absolutely no benefit to the vast majority of tax-paying Americans who either already paid off their student loans or never borrowed any to begin with.

Let’s watch the exchange.

AS many Americans know this will increase Americas debt, and result in further inflation.

Next News reported. The Biden Administration is canceling billions of dollars worth of student loans and he’s using our tax dollars to do it. This plan is going to increase inflation even more and in the midst of a recession no less. One GOP Senator is pushing back.

Biden is plunging our economy further into debt but this Republican has had enough

Rick Scott, a Republican senator from Florida, released an advertisement Wednesday slamming President Joe Biden for canceling student loan debt in the U.S., something the Biden administration decided to do.


America should not cancel student loan debt, as it will only increase inflation. This reckless policy from the Biden Administration is going to have a devastating impact on our economy, and especially those who are already struggling. We need responsible leaders who understand basic economics, not pandering politicians trying to buy votes with other people’s money. If you care about your financial future, make sure you vote in November!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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