SEE the SHOCKING moment when a mob of drivers attack Chicago PD in this terrifying video

SEE the SHOCKING moment when a mob of drivers attack Chicago PD in this terrifying video
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Crime is rising in inner cities and no place knows that best like Chicago. The city is the epicenter for crime, violence, and complete disregard for law enforcement. This weekend was no exception, wait until you see what happened.

Police do their best to enforce the law and keep people safe. The residents of Chicago have no respect for them and that was on full display this weekend.

TownHall Reports, Police officers were attacked by “side show” drivers and spectators over the weekend as the trend of taking over intersections to do vehicle stunts has become a mainstay.

Even though “side shows” may seem harmless fun, they can be very dangerous if the driver loses control. The crowds often attack Chicago police officers with fireworks and rocks during nighttime events.

Several social media videos show how out of control the crowds became toward the officers, with some even jumping on top of police SUVs.

The officers being attacked were responding to these so called “side shows” where cars rally at a set location and take over the street. Take a look.

These people clearly have no respect for the law, their city, and fellow citizens.

CWBChicago reports, A police spokesperson said six squad cars were damaged, and an 18-year-old was cited for obstructing a rear license plate. He also had his vehicle impounded. The police are also investigating whether there is a connection between the sideshows and a fatal accident.

Alderman Raymond Lopez, who is running for mayor, called on state and federal law enforcement to help Chicago Police.

Chicago is out of control and it won’t be long before people start leaving by the masses. This type of lawlessness is not sustainable, and the mayor needs to take action.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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