1 person Dead in Liberal Portland as 500 Strong Street Mob Takes Control Targeting Elderly

1 person Dead in Liberal Portland as 500 Strong Street Mob Takes Control Targeting Elderly
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Portland is in disarray and the police cannot keep up. Street mobs are taking over the city and stretching the police force thin. This time it caused one man to die.

Crime is going up in Portland. 

According to The Post Millennial, Over the weekend, a shocking video emerged on social media showing scenes of deadly and fiery chaos in Portland, Oregon.

On Sunday night, at one of the street racing takeovers near the Expo Center, an elderly man in a van was violently attacked by an armed mob as he appeared to be caught in the road. An online video shows him backing into a car while desperately trying to reverse and drive away from the attackers.

At least 18 rounds were fired at the fleeing van by a man in the crowd. In a follow-up video, the crowd catches up with the elderly man who had stopped on a patch of grass. He appeared to be in shock and was bleeding heavily.

Besides the elderly man, two other participants of the takeover were also injured by gunfire, resulting in the death of Cameron Taylor, 20. According to a $20,000 GoFundMe campaign for his funeral, he was “struck by a stray bullet.”

Antifa accounts have been promoting the fundraiser on Twitter. Following the Antifa-BLM riots in 2020, Antifa in Portland has expressed support for street car takeovers. According to Antifa, it undermines law and order and uses up police resources.

Street racing events were not limited to the deadly takeover near the Expo Center on Sunday. Another simultaneous takeover occurred at Northeast 72nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard. A video posted on social media shows cars spinning on the road while a flamethrower blasts fire into the occupied area.

Local news station KOIN reported that around 500 people were at the occupation.

As a result of multiple shootings in the city, local law enforcement was stretched to breaking point on Sunday. Police made no arrests in either street takeover incident.

After the Antifa-BLM riots of 2020 decimated law enforcement numbers, Portland continues to experience an unprecedented surge in shootings and homicides. As of now, the current year is on track to match or surpass the city’s record number of homicides in 2021.

Something needs to be done about these gangs or more innocent lives will be lost. It’s a tragedy that this happened especially when it could have been prevented. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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