Ted Cruz Makes Lib REGRET Shooting Him Undercover, Goes SCORCHED EARTH on “Leftie Twitter”

Ted Cruz Makes Lib REGRET Shooting Him Undercover, Goes SCORCHED EARTH on "Leftie Twitter"
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After a so-called “undercover video” circulated on social media this week, the left has tried to put words in Senator Ted Cruz’s mouth. However, he himself took to Twitter to squash the dreams of every liberal waiting to see him get taken down. 

On Tuesday, Lauren Windsor, who describes herself as a “progressive journalist”, posted an “undercover video” of Senator Ted Cruz.

Windsor claims that Senator Cruz was on board with defunding the FBI — despite the fact that he simply nodded along while the person taking the video appeared to be the one making all the assertions.

As noted by the Daily Wire, what Cruz actually said in the video was as follows: “It is horrific the abuse of power at the FBI, and it’s wrong. And there needs to be a complete house cleaning that happens at the FBI.”

However, the Twitter account MeidasTouch tweeted, “Ted Cruz wants to defund the FBI.”

It wasn’t long before Senator Cruz took to Twitter himself to address the undercover video.

On Twitter, in response to the claim he wants to defund the FBI, he said, “Leftie twitter is gonna lie—it’s what they do—but every word I said is true: – the FBI’s raid was a horrific “abuse of power”; – there needs to be “a complete housecleaning” at FBI; – we need “real oversight” from Congress. All absolutely true!”

Senator Cruz’s communications advisor Steve Guest also addressed the video, tweeting, “Obviously, @MeidasTouch didn’t watch the video before tweeting. Instead, they’re just brazenly lying.”

The left will spin every word that comes out of a Republican’s mouth in order to make it sound extreme. In this case, Senator Cruz was not going to let some liberal get that chance – even in the slightest.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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