Trudeau Drops HUGE COIN to Push Radical Woke Agenda Further Than Ever Before

Trudeau Drops HUGE COIN to Push Radical Woke Agenda Further Than Ever Before
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Canada is getting more woke by the day, as Prime Minister Trudeau is forcing the liberal woke agenda down the throats of Canadians. 

Canada is putting its money where its mouth is as they are launching a new plan to move Canada towards extreme leftist views on LGBTQA+, and funding it with millions of dollars.

Post Millennial writes. The Liberal Party’s federal platform was unveiled on Sunday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth Marci Ien, calling it the “2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan.” The plan, put in place to build a “more inclusive future,” is set to cost $100 million over the next five years.

Lets watch.

Canada has been making moved to bring the country further to the left over the last few years, and has imprisoned parents for not allowing their children to transition. 

National Post writes. A British Columbia father who objects to his teenage child’s gender transition therapy was arrested on Tuesday and put in jail until at least Friday for repeatedly speaking publicly about aspects of the case. The case stems from the father known as C.D. who has battled to prevent his child — A.B., as the child is known — from receiving gender transition hormone therapy. But what began as a family court dispute has now wound up in criminal charges due to allegations that C.D. is persistent in violating court orders.

It seems like Canada is making massive strives to become like Cuba or other dictatorships, and is abandoning the ideals that a vast majority of its Catholic and Christian citizens believe in. Further they are jailing discentors, and other people who object to their transition.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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