EXPOSED: KJP Caught Lying Again About Border Crisis

EXPOSED: KJP Caught Lying Again About Border Crisis
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Karine Jean-Pierre was caught lying to the American public yet again about the increasing border crisis, and the flow of illegal immigration.

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The Biden spin machine is at it again pumping out lie after lie regarding the southern border. This time KJP gets into a heated exchange with Peter Doocy on illegal immigrants walking across the border. The spinner in chief replied with lies, and the internet responded exposing her, for what she is.

TownHall reports. Despite all the evidence available before her statement, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed in a recent media briefing that no one is just walking across the southern border illegally. More videos taken this week show just how bad the border crisis is.

Here is the exchange.

Here is a video of 100’s of illegal immigrants walking across the border that same night.

Another group of 100 plus illegal immigrants crossing through Eagle Pass Texas. 

This is not the first lie that KJP has said during her tenure as the White House Press Secretary, nor will it be her last.

Next News Network reported. In July in another heated exchange between Peter Doocy and Karine Jean-Pierre Doocy questioned why the White House is changing the literary definition of a recession. KJP stated that the definition of a recession was not 2 quarters with negative growth, but in every textbook it stated exactly that. 

The Biden administration is waist deep in bullcrap. KJP is a puppet trying to lie to the everyday American that still trusts and takes the government at their word. The overwhelming majority of Americans know that the border has been, and continues to be in shambles, and that we are in fact in a recession.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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