Top Republicans FIRE BACK After Biden Declares War on Americans

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Before Biden’s speech last night, House Minority Leader Kevin MCarthy slammed the President for dividing the country with his hateful rhetoric toward Republicans.

As noted by the Daily Wire, McCarthy also explained what the true soul of America looks like, since Biden’s speech was focused on “restoring the soul of the country.”

Unsurprisingly, an apology from Biden to Republican voters was not the first thing that came out of his mouth during his primetime speech. Instead, he doubled his attack on MAGA Republicans.

On Twitter, top Republicans blasted Biden for his hateful rhetoric.

“Did Joe Biden just declare war on Red State America? I sure hope not,” wrote Republican representative Matt Gaetz.

Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn accused the former president of isolating and vilifying conservative Americans, tweeting, “Biden promised to unite the nation. Instead, he’s isolated and vilified conservative Americans.”

Trump’s director of communication Taylor Budowich claimed that the US is a “nation in decline” at the hands of Joe Biden and “the radical Democrat”.

“After campaigning on a ‘return to normalcy,’ Biden showed tonight all that meant is division and plight that has left every American worse off than they were before,” he added.

Lindsey Graham wrote, “With all due respect Mr. President, there’s nothing wrong with America’s soul. The American people are hurting because of your policies. Rampant inflation. Out of control crime. Terrorism on the rise. Broken borders. Stop lecturing & change your policies before it’s too late.”

Senator Ted Cruz wrote, “Tonight, Joe Biden vilified millions of Americans in a divisive & angry speech that was detached from the reality of his political failures. He isn’t actually interested in restoring the soul of the nation, he’s only interested pitting his fellow Americans against one another.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert asked her Twitter followers, “You know who doesn’t have manners? Antifa, BLM, and the thugs that targeted SCOTUS Justices at their homes.”

Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to President Trump, called Biden’s speech dictatorial.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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