Biden BUSTED When EVERYONE Notices The FAKE Message He Posted To Pump Student Loan Bailouts

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Twitter users are piling on the President after he posted a bizarre message on his Twitter account over the weekend.

According to the Post Millennial, The image Biden posted on Twitter looked like a text message or a possible social media Direct Message thanking the president for his student loan forgiveness, which read,”Thank you Mr. President. At 51 years old, my husband and I can finally start saving for our first home.”

Along with the picture, Biden wrote, “Take a look at this message I received – because of student loan forgiveness, Americans will be able to crawl out from under unsustainable debt and finally start thinking about saving for their first home.”

As a result, the message’s content and credibility were scrutinized by many.

Songwriter Five Times August wrote, “This person is as old as you’ve been in government. Which goes to show how little you’ve done for half a century that a single text message is all you have to show for yourself. You are worthless.”

AEI Senior Fellow Marc Thiessen tweeted, “So working class Americans who never went to college are helping to pay for their home.”

One thing to note, is that DM’s can only be sent to the president’s official account by users that he follows, and he only follows 12 people.

Tim Young noticed this and said, “Umm… which of the 12 people you follow on here sent it to you?”

The credibility of the image was further questioned by talk show host Kimberly Klacik who wrote, “This text is clearly fake. Even the heart emoji.”

Similarly Matthew Foldi wrote, “Things are so bad for the White House’s student loan bailout that they’re photoshopping texts Biden is pretending to receive.”

Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec said, “You ghostwrite your own message and this is the best you could do? Make it believable next time, sir.”

“Thank you Mr President for raising the retirement age to 100,” said Zerohedge, noting the dubious financial standing of the supposed 51-year-old messenger.

While the White House tries to prop up their big student loan forgiveness plan, they don’t even know how much it’ll end up costing American taxpayers.

As we previously reported, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre struggled to explain how President Joe Biden plans to pay for the reallocation of $300 billion in student debt from degree holders to the working class.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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