After Given an Out Biden White House Instead Commits Political Suicide Ahead of Midterms

After Given an Out Biden White House Instead Commits Political Suicide Ahead of Midterms
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Joe Biden has launched a full fledged assault on Trump supporting Americans. In multiple speeches last week he called Trump voters “extremists” and “semi-fascists”. The President is not shying away from these attacks and his lap-dog press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has fallen right into line. When asked about the vicious language used by Joe Biden, Jean-Pierre made no efforts to correct the President or send a unifying message, no she doubled down. Wait until you see what she said.

Biden’s press secretary is not backing down.

According to The Daily Caller. Despite President Joe Biden’s attacks on extreme “MAGA Republicans,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre doubled down on Sunday.

In a speech Thursday before Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the president described “MAGA Republicans” as extremists who threaten democracy. During a separate speech on Aug. 26, he called their philosophy “semi-fascism.”

In response to these remarks, Karine Jean-Pierre commented that the Biden administration’s reference to mainstream conservatives as “semi-fascists” triggered “ultra MAGAs” who are now exposing themselves.

Prior to Biden’s Philadelphia speech, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the president should apologize for slandering millions of Americans as fascists.

Jonathon Capehart asked Jean-Pierre on Sunday if the president “owes half the country an apology.” Jean-Pierre responded that the President only referred to an “extreme” faction of Republicans that controls the party.

The White House has repeatedly defended the president’s recent remarks about his political opponents. Jean-Pierre called “MAGA Republicans” an “extremist threat to our democracy” during Wednesday’s press briefing, pledging that the president will continue to spread this message.

During Thursday’s briefing, she claimed Republican leaders’ stances on abortion and other “fundamental rights” are “extreme” because they do not align with the majority of Americans.

Apparently Biden wasn’t awake during 2020 when leftists across the country burned our cities to the ground… or when armed Antifa members marched through the streets to intimidate Supreme Court Justices and jury members during the Kyle Rittenhouse and Derick Chauvin Trial. No, instead Biden has his sights dead set on Americans who disagree with him and he’s not backing down. If you’re a Trump supporter, Biden is talking directly to you when he calls them extremists. His cronies are backing him up and they aren’t going to stop.

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