As RED WAVE Swells To Wipe Out Dems New Data Shows RED TSUNAMI is Coming Instead

As RED WAVE Swells To Wipe Out Dems New Data Shows RED TSUNAMI is Coming Instead
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Election season is right around the corner and new polls are coming out to gauge how voters are leaning. A new Rasmussen poll was just released and spells good news for Republicans.

The GOP is going to love this.

As noted by Newsmax. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows 47% percent of likely voters would cast their ballot for the Republican candidate if the elections for Congress were held today, compared to 42% who would vote for the Democrat

The figures show the Republicans are maintaining their 5-point lead from a week ago. Here’s how it breaks down.

3% said they would vote for some other candidate. Eight percent said they were uncertain.

85% of Republicans say they would vote for their own party’s congressional candidate,
compared to 80% of Democrats, who would vote for the Democrat candidate.

43% of independent voters say they would vote for the Republican, compared to 33% who would vote Democrat. Seven percent would vote for someone else, while 17% say they were undecided.

The poll, conducted Aug. 28-Sept. 1, surveyed 2,500 likely voters. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. ABC news recently reported on Joe Biden’s approval ratings which may prove fatal to him in the midterms.

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While Covid-19 is not a major issue among voters, Democrats believe abortion rights are key and they’re spending big money to advertise it.

According to CBS News. The Democratic Party has spent about $30 million on more than 100 television ads specifically mentioning abortion since the draft of the Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case leaked early in May. That’s according to tracking by AdImpact.

Additionally, Democrats have spent nearly $7 million on Facebook ads that mention abortion. Several parties, Super PACs, and candidates have made abortion a key election issue.

All of the Senate battleground races are expected to be dominated by abortion rights, according to the Democratic Senate campaign arm. In the official’s view, it is a clear way to contrast candidates. Despite this campaign from the Democrats, some Republicans are holding their ground and fighting against abortion. Here’s Jim Jordan saying he is going to lean into that stance.

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In contrast to Democrats, Republicans haven’t spent much on abortion-related advertising, neither promoting the Dobbs decision or Republican efforts at the state level.

With tough general election matchups, some Republicans are dialing back their stances on abortion, while others are keeping their statements vague. However, several candidates are feeling the pressure to react directly to the Democrats’ attacks.

This election season is going to get interesting. While this new Rasmussen poll shows good news for Republicans, the margins are not large enough to feel comfortable quite yet. If you care about preserving your freedom, get out there and register to vote so we can ensure a red wave come November.

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