Socialist NIGHTMARE Collapses after Voters Fight Back in most unlikely place

Socialist NIGHTMARE Collapses after Voters Fight Back in most unlikely place
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Voters in Chile just flipped the bird to socialism in the biggest way they could.

Chile had socialism on the ballot, this took the form of a constitutional reformation. If this measure were to pass Chile would become the furthest left country on the planet, but the people of Chile were having none of that.

According to multiple news outlets. Chile’s voters rejected a new Constitution that would have made the conservative Latin American country one of the world’s most far-left countries.

According to the New York Times, the new Constitution would have legalized abortion, mandated universal government-run healthcare, promoted woke gender initiatives, granted rights to animals and the environment, and provided government-provided care “from birth to death,” including housing, education, retirement benefits, internet access, free legal advice, and sanitation.

The extreme Constitution would have also eliminated the Senate, which is something many on the far-left want to happen in the U.S.

The rejection of the new Constitution represents a major setback for the country’s new far-left president, Gabriel Boric, whose coalition includes members of Chile’s Communist Party.

A few months ago, Boric announced his intention to completely ban firearm ownership for his citizens – just like every communist dictator in history before him.

The results were celebrated in Santiago, Chile’s capital, with horns blaring at numerous intersections. 

The people of Chile need to pat themselves on the back for this victory; they must not stop the energy as the communists will attempt to rewrite the constitution again in the near future.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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