Newsom HUMILIATED, Comes Clean after Extreme Heat DESTROYS His Green EV Dreams

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On Tuesday, California energy prices reached their highest level since summer 2020.

According to the Daily Wire, the Golden State and other nearby states faced the steepest energy costs in two years on Tuesday due to a heat wave that has lasted for days.

For the seventh consecutive day, the California Independent System Operator urged consumers to conserve energy.

The Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom asked residents to “do a little bit more” to keep power available, saying that California’s hydroelectric capacity has been cut as a result of a prolonged drought. In addition, the governor signed an executive order giving California greater access to energy.

Since it quickly shifted to renewable energy sources, the state has struggled to meet energy demand.

Funny enough, as we previously reported, this all comes after the state announced it would ban the sale of gas-powered cars in 2035 and ultimately force citizens of the state to drive electric vehicles.

One tweeted, “You mandated cars be electric when your current grid can’t keep energy after 4pm”

Another one said, “Can we still charge our 2 new electric cars during those hours?”

One person tweeted, “California: Thou shalt only buy electric cars after 2035. Also California: Thou shalt unplug all your night lights immediately because we can’t guarantee the juice.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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