They Think YOU’RE STUPID – Look Who ABC Tapped To Represent YOU on The View

They Think YOU’RE STUPID - Look Who ABC Tapped To Represent YOU on The View
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The View is about to change, yet get a whole lot more anti-Trump as quote republicans end quote join the show.

INTRO. The Views ratings are in the tank, and the producers wanted to add some pro-Trump and pro republicans to the show, yet both of the “Republicans” are RINOS. Both of the show hosts that are being touted as Republicans, and pro Trump are neither. 

Daily Wire writes. Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin may have once worked for former President Donald Trump, but she has since argued that he should never get near the presidency again. Nonetheless, she says she is prepared to “represent” Trump’s voters on ABC’s midday talk show “The View.”

On Monday, Griffin talked to “Good Morning America” about the 26th season of the panel show, which launches on Tuesday after a late-summer hiatus. She said that two seats would be occupied by women who identified as Republicans — she and Ana Navarro, a longtime fill-in host.


The View has announced two republican spots on the show.

Fox news reports. “The View” may have two Republican spots, but they are hardly representative of their fellow party members, which polls show remain broadly supportive of Trump.

Another new “View” position was announced last month, going to Ana Navarro, who supports President Biden and Democrats openly, while nominally being a Republican. In 2020, she even helped Biden’s Latino outreach in Florida. 

“She and Navarro, both CNN commentators, have a whole host of nuance between them,” Griffin said.

The View is trash. It has been trash for years, and they keep going further to the left. The hosts of that show have made claims against Republicans, and Trump that if anyone on the right had made it would be considered a crime. Now brining on RINOS will only encourage the bashing to continue.

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