White House Aide Proves She’s a Communist With Latest Hate Against MAGA Republicans

White House Aide Proves She’s a Communist With Latest Hate Against MAGA Republicans
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It seems the lunatic lefts marching orders were handed out and now all the cockroaches are making appearances on TV to back Bidens Anti-Maga agenda.

Every liberal is perpetuating that 74 million Americans are domestic threats to America. This rhetoric is beyond the pale, and can lead to severe repercussions, if not stopped. We do not need to further divide America.

Breaitbart writes. Biden senior advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the so-called “MAGA Republican agenda” had “no place” in American democracy.

Bottoms said, “What MAGA agenda has been about, it has been about distorting the truth, it’s been about misleading people, it’s been about putting out information that inflames people.”

Biden has taken to calling MAGA Republicans extremists, and saying that they are the biggest threat to democracy.

Next news network reported. Biden attacked republicans and stated that they needed F15 fighter jets to come after the government. He continued to state that MAGA Republicans are the biggest threat to America.

What happened to finding common ground when faced with adversity, or opposing viewpoints. Now we have the most divided country since the 1860’s and a President that is continuing to push the nation further apart. When Presidents are elected, they are there to represent the whole country, not just their party, and most certainly not to call 74 million Americans Domestic threats.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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