Biden is Star Spangled Stupid For Attacking Americans

Biden is Star Spangled Stupid For Attacking Americans
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 John Kennedy continued his attacks on Biden in the hilarious, on point way he always does. Kennedy continues to deliver blow after blow to the Star Spangled Stupid President.

As Darth Brandon continues his attacks on right wing Americans; Senators from the right are firing back.

Town Hall writes. In subsequent speeches across the country, the White House speechwriters have not toned down President Biden’s angry, divisive remarks about roughly half the country supporting former President Donald Trump in some capacity.

That strategy, according to U.S. Senator John Kennedy, is just “star-spangled stupid.”

Lets watch

After the Darth Brandon speech, Joe Biden continued to attack republicans at a labor day speech in Wisconsin.

Forbes writes. President Joe Biden continued to go after “MAGA Republicans” and followers of former President Donald Trump in a speech Monday in Wisconsin, continuing his sharp attacks on the more conservative wing of the GOP after Republicans have broadly criticized his comments and Trump attacked Biden over the weekend as an “enemy of the state.” Speaking at a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Biden criticized the “MAGA Republicans, the extreme right, the Trumpies,” saying “MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division.”

Biden is something, that is for sure. Stupid? Demented? Can’t figure out the right word for him. But it is pretty obvious he is just a talking piece for his 20 year old interns who write his speeches, Biden cannot put sentences together, let alone come up with a political strategy.

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