5k Illegals Arrested Over Labor Day Weekend

5k Illegals Arrested Over Labor Day Weekend
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Another huge arrest total for the border patrol agents in Eagle Pass Texas, as they kept busy on the national holiday arresting illegal immigrants.

The crisis at our southern border does not stop when it is a national holiday, the illegals keep coming. Over the labor day weekend one outpost recorded over 5,000 illegal immigrants detained. 

Breitbart reports. Over Labor Day Weekend, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 5,100 migrants, according to a sector official. The Mexican cartels attempted to tie up Border Patrol resources in the region by crossing 2,395 in ten large groups.

During the Labor Day Weekend, ten large groups of migrants crossed the Rio Grande illegally from Mexico into Texas, according to Eagle Pass South Acting Patrol Agent in Charge Gerardo Inocencio in a video tweeted by Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens. The groups totaled 2,395 of the 5,147 migrants apprehended during the holiday period. There were more than 360 migrants in the largest group.

This news comes after a recent tragedy happened on the southern border.

Next News Network reported. “To date, at least nine individuals have died over the last few days attempting to cross this area,” Owens continued. “In an effort to prevent further loss of life, we are asking everyone to please avoid crossing illegally.”

Migrants tried to cross the river last week. were discovered by Mexican authorities.CBP agents rescued 37 migrants from the water in the same incident. 39 people were arrested by Mexican authorities.

In August alone, CBP agents recovered more than 200 bodies of migrants trying to cross the river in the Del Rio sector.

The Biden administration is doing nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the border. Hundreds are dieing from the attempt, and thousands more fall victim to human trafficking. That does not include the tens of thousands of Americans who die every year from drug overdoses, caused by the flow of drugs across the border. This crisis needs to end.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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