LAPTOP FROM HELL. New poll Devastates Biden Legacy

Hunter biden looks up from his laptop while naked.
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Joe Biden and his song Hunter aren’t getting away with the laptop from hell so easily. It turns out the leaked laptop story from over two years ago is still fresh in the minds of voters and they are not happy about the way it was handled. A new poll shows just how important it is to them. 

The Biden family is not going to like this. 

According to Breitbart. A Tuesday Rasmussen Reports poll found that 63% of likely voters still think the Hunter Biden laptop story is important nearly two years after the New York Post first reported it.

Among the 63 percent who believe the story is still important, 44 percent rate it as “very important.” Just 34 percent rate it as “not important,” and 17 percent do not believe it is important at all.

Approximately 1,000 likely voters were surveyed between August 31 and September 1, 2022, with a three-point margin of error.

Over the years, Hunter’s laptop from hell story has remained relevant. Rasmussen found 66 percent of voters believed the story was important in March, including 48 percent who said it was very important, four points fewer than in September. Thirty-one percent said the story was not important, while 15 percent said it was completely unimportant.

A poll also found that 50 percent of unaffiliated voters believe President Joe Biden would have lost the election if the establishment media had reported the contents of Hunter’s hard drive. Unaffiliated voters are also supported by 66 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats. 

Before the 2020 election, Twitter and Facebook reduced distribution of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Prior to the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop breaking in the 2020 election cycle, the FBI warned Facebook of an upcoming “dump” of “Russian propaganda.” According to whistleblowers that came forward to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the FBI’s leadership blocked agents from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 election was decided. Mark Zuckerberg even admitted to the censorship on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

David Weiss, the Trump-appointed United States prosecutor, is investigating whether Hunter and associates broke federal firearm and campaign finance laws, as well as money laundering laws.

In spite of Joe Biden and his staff claiming at least seven times that the president has no involvement in the family business, he has been involved in 17 instances.

Voters are clearly concerned about the laptop story, and for good reason. It allegedly contains proof of myriad mishandlings of Hunter and the Biden family, and the efforts to censor the story before the 2020 election tell you everything you need to know about how scared they were of it going mainstream. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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