Portland Residents FLEE After Seeing Parks and Neighborhoods Go “Third World”

Portland Residents FLEE After Seeing Parks and Neighborhoods Go “Third World”
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Homlessness is taking over Democrats run cities. Their so called compassionate policies have led to a surge in homelessness and its driving out citizens. Wait until you see how bad it’s gotten in this city.

According to Fox News. In Portland, Oregon, residents are outraged, blaming far-left politicians for the homeless crisis and crime surge.

On Wednesday, “Fox & Friends First” hosted Jeff Reynolds and The Fields Bar & Grill owner Jim Rice to discuss how the crisis in the Democrat-run city affects the community and why politicians are to blame.

Reynolds told co-host Todd Piro, “I think it really is a matter of not wanting to confront the problems,” “I think the problems are so big, and they want to hold on to their woke ideologies to the point that they’re sacrificing actual public safety. They think that they’ve got the answers, and anybody that has a different idea is dismissed.

Despite living in the city for almost three decades, Reynolds fled due to “unbearable” circumstances.

The homelessness crisis is pervasive and even affecting local businesses.

According to Fox News. A historic hotel in downtown Portland may sue the city after a corporate client canceled their stay over “safety concerns,”

An executive from Coast Hospitality Management, wrote in an email to the president of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association. “The city is not living up to its duty to provide basic services (cleanliness, safety & security),” “Too many homeless and crazy people running around. Suffice to say, I’m furious!”

Willamette Week reported that the corporate client that dropped the Benson had a contract for 300 rooms at $156 a night over the course of the month. According to the outlet, Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines “have been unwilling to come back in full for the same reason.”

“It’s a $50K monthly contract for The Benson,” the unnamed executive wrote to Brandt.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment on efforts to clean the city up.

Soon it may not just be residents picking up and leaving the city, but businesses too. It’s a shame to see a city overrun and beholden to liberal policies turning them into hellscapes, all at the expense of the taxpayer. Shameful.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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