RELENTLESS: Biden Continues To Divide Nation After Seen Mocking Republicans

RELENTLESS: Biden Continues To Divide Nation After Seen Mocking Republicans
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The Divider in Chief is in full campaign mode as he continues to take jabs at Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Joe Biden keeps saying he is not trying to alienate 74 million Americans, and that his speech was taken out of context. Yet he continues his divider in chief tour, mocking and demeaning millions of Americans.

Washington Examiner writes. During an appearance before a friendly audience, Joe Biden ribbed Republicans for taking credit for Democratic efforts and pretending not to remember former President Donald Trump.

During an address to the Democratic National Committee before November’s midterm elections, Biden underscored his administration’s accomplishments and outlined how he and his party could still accomplish if they retained their majorities on Capitol Hill, including codifying Roe v. Wade, banning assault weapons, and safeguarding elections.

Biden is on the offensive as the November elections are right around the corner.

Newsweek writes. With less than two months until crucial midterm elections, the president’s mockery of Republicans comes at a time when Democrats’ prospects appear to be improving. The GOP remains favored to win the House, however.

As well as signing the Inflation Reduction Act into law on August 16, Biden has also had a number of legislative successes.

As a result of that legislation, Biden’s Build Back Better agenda has been revived after it stalled earlier in his administration. It is a slimmed-down version of the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act that failed in the Senate in October 2021 due to Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition.

The duality of the Biden administration cannot be overstated, as he continues to take swings at everyday Americans. He is also bragging about his massive spending bills being huge successes when they are the direct cause of the massive inflation and price increases we are seeing across the nation. 

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