Biden’s Message to Cancer Survivors Standing Right in front of him is Stomach-Churning

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On Monday during a speech, President Biden told cancer survivors standing on a balcony above him to “not jump.”

According to the Daily Wire, as he delivered remarks as part of his Cancer Moonshot initiative on Monday, Biden warned cancer survivors against jumping from the balcony.

As noted by Breitbart, Biden delivered his remarks in Boston on the 60th anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy’s famous Moonshot speech, in which the United States committed itself to reaching the moon. As part of his remarks at the JFK Presidential Library, Biden outlined his plan to reduce cancer mortality in the United States by half by 2525.

Here’s the moment when Biden paused to tell the cancer survivors, “don’t jump.”

The Daily Wire notes that similar warnings have been issued by Biden in the past, inexplicably warning people who have not indicated that they intend to jump from whatever direction his attention was directed.

For example, he delivered the same exact line while posing for a photo with American Olympic and Paralympic athletes earlier this year.

In March, Biden made the same joke during a visit with members of the famed 82nd Airborne Division, which specializes in air assault operations.

Biden’s “don’t jump” joke is just plain odd. Nobody understands what it means and it just goes to show how out of touch Biden is with the American public. You’d think after two or three times of being criticized in the media for that line, he’d stop saying it. But then again, you can’t expect much decency, if any at all, from this President.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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