You Won’t Believe What This Cameraman Caught Biden Doing When Signing Queen’s Condolence Book

You Won't Believe What This Cameraman Caught Biden Doing When Signing Queen's Condolence Book
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Now, It’s no secret that the current administration has had its share of gaffes, but none as disrespectful as what you’re about to see. The President of the United States was caught on camera signing Queen Elizabeth’s condolence book with what looks like a cheat sheet. This is just plain embarrassing that our own president can’t even sign a condolence book without help from his handlers.

Cameras were rolling and captured President Joe Biden using a cheat sheet while signing the Queen of England’s condolence book. This embarrassing act is just another example of why Biden is unfit for office.

According to the Western Journal. Biden visited the British Embassy in Washington on Thursday to pay his respects and condolences to Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

As one of the nation’s leaders who shares such close ties with the late queen’s realm, this gesture was expected and routine, but what wasn’t expected — or, at least, what we would hope we shouldn’t expect from the American head of state — was how difficult the routine seemed for the president.

During the visit, Biden appeared to sign a condolence book using a typed notecard rather than simply scrawling his own thoughts.

When the camera zoomed in, the card was clearly visible:

“Scribbling” is certainly the right word – the message that President Biden sent to the people of the United Kingdom to honor their beloved queen was virtually indecipherable.

Recently, cameras caught a close-up of a note card Biden was given to tell him where to go, what to do, and what to say during a White House event, written in such a simplistic manner that one can only imagine the author had little confidence in his intelligence.

The notecard read, “YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to participants,” the notecard read. “YOU take YOUR seat,” it continued, just in case the president began wandering around or got any ideas about taking someone else’s seat. “YOU give brief comments,” it continued, making it abundantly clear the direction was intended for Biden alone.

In fact, the president has received handy notecards before – for example, when he held his first solo news conference and when he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed Biden’s need for step-by-step instructions for some of the simplest tasks:

One Person wrote, “What a way to show just how “strong” the USA is. (sarc). What am embarrassment for the world to see. Remember this in Nov 4.

Another wrote, “What a way to sign condolence book! He can’t even write a message on his own??? Might be he was following the orders of his handlers!”

Joe Biden’s visit to the British Embassy was an embarrassing display. He appeared to be struggling with signing the condolence book, and it looked like he was using a typed-out note card rather than writing down his thoughts. This shows that he is no longer capable of carrying out his duties as president of the United States. He should just retire already.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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