WATCH: “Fredo” Cuomo FLIPS On Dems After They Attack Republicans as Terrorists

WATCH: “Fredo” Cuomo FLIPS On Dems After They Attack Republicans as Terrorists
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 You know it’s bad for Democrats when the disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo comes out of hiding to literally destroy the insanity of the left’s attacks on republicans.

Over the last weeks the left has been increasing its attacks on Republicans, labeling us as domestic threats. From Joe Biden, to Mayors across the country the lefts increasing hateful rhetoric is continuing to rise. Yet, there are some on the left trying to tell the party to put the brakes on their hateful speech.

Daily Wire writes. Chris Cuomo, the disgraced former CNN host, has accused Democrats of demonizing all Trump supporters, saying some are open to reasonable and normal discourse.

Cuomo took to twitter to defend some Republicans from the leftists  continued attacks.

Cuomo responding to a tweet that read “Brother I do not understand how we can assuage the fears of those who demonize immigrants, Jews, African Americans and anyone who isn’t “Christian” by their standards. For example MTG and Lauren Boebert and their voters who believe that we Dems are “pedos” and belong to a cabal?” 

Cuomo responded “Maybe/probably you cant…but if you think all gop are that…I think you need to look more OFF twitter/social media. This place is not reality. It is an exaggeration that caters to fringe and those who profit from it”

Cuomo replying to a CNN article that reiterated that Trump said he would not leave the Whitehouse after the 2020 election, Cuomo responded “Does this matter? Yes – in the pursuit of justice, which is happening aggressively by most accounts. However – do dems win more votes by chasing trump or catering to hopes and fears of those who were disaffected/desperate enough to vote for him?”

Chris Cuomo is not the only Democrat attempting to stop the insane rhetoric from Democrats, Tulsi Gabbard is attempting to do the same.

Next News Network writes. Tulsi Gabbard joins Chris Cuomo when it comes to saying that the left is taking it a bit far, and adds to Cuomo’s point that people need to take it off Twitter and other social media outlets where they can have regular conversations with those on the right.

This nation is spiraling out of control and we all hope and pray that cooler heads prevail as the rhetoric continues to escalate before the midterm elections. If the Democrats continue down this path, there won’t be much of an America left after all of our rules and traditions are thrown away.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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