Watch Jesse Watters Accuse Biden of Turning War on Terror into War on Republicans (AMAZING)

Watch Jesse Watters Accuse Biden of Turning War on Terror into War on Republicans (AMAZING)
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Joe Biden and the Democrat’s attacks on Trump Supporting Republicans are turning into all out war. They are ramping up their rhetoric and now even comparing Americans to 9/11 terrorists. One Conservative has had enough and just blasted the divisive hateful attacks.

Jesse Waters has had enough and just brutally ripped into the Democrats attack on Trump supporters.

The Daily Wire Reports. Jesse Watters accused President Joe Biden of turning the “War on Terror” into a war against Republicans – and using the same language that had been reserved for terrorists.

In his monologue on Monday evening, Watters attacked the president, arguing that Biden’s attack on the opposing political party was reminiscent of how former President George W. Bush referred to the attacks on American soil on 9/11.

The attack on so-called “MAGA Republicans” has been widespread throughout the Biden administration and White House Press Secretary Karinne Jean Pierre has had to deal with the backlash.

Fox News Reports. Pierre said that President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia slamming former President Trump and “MAGA Republicans” was “not political.” She also tried to make the claim that the President’s comments were not divisive, but you can make that determination for yourself.

Biden seemed to walk back him comments after the intense backlash. Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked if Biden considers all Trump supporters a threat to the country, to which the President replied, “I don’t consider any Trump supporters a threat to the country.”

Despite trying to walk back these comments Biden may be too late. The Democratic party has picked up the divisive rhetoric and they are not backing down. They’ve waged all out war on Trump supporters and even compared them to terrorists. It’s absolutely evil

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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