Watch Joe Biden’s Humiliating Moment As He Can’t Recite The Preamble To The Constitution

Watch Joe Biden's Humiliating Moment As He Can't Recite The Preamble To The Constitution
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It seems like Joe Biden can’t go more than a few days before he embarrasses himself with a speech gaffe or stumbling around the White House. This week he did it again and humiliated himself and the office of President when he tried to recite a speech. Wait until you see this one.

Perhaps President Biden should refrain from reciting the Declaration of Independence’s preamble. It never seems to end well for him.

According to The Western Journal. When speaking to a group of union workers in Boston on Monday, Biden botched it once again. In the middle of the first word, he suffered a brain freeze and abandoned the sentence.

The word in the Declaration is “unalienable.” Biden quickly moved on after mispronouncing the beginning and forgetting the ending.

White House transcripts pretend Biden actually said the whole word, though he failed to correct his (“inalienable”/”unalienable” error.)

This was the latest in a series of botched attempts by Biden to quote his own country’s founding document.

A previous attempt occurred in June 2021, but the president forgot the phrase “pursuit of happiness.” During his campaign in March 2020, then-candidate Biden said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” All men and women are created by the, you know, you know, the thing.”

It might seem that the president of the United States would know the preamble of the Declaration of Independence like the back of his hand, but you would be wrong. You might also think that he wouldn’t keep trying if he couldn’t recite it correctly.

On Monday, Biden made several other gaffes. Amidst an angry section of the speech, he stumbled over the word “America.” and said some form of gibberish

He also told his usual lies in his remarks. Biden assured his audience that, despite two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, “we have moved from economic crisis to economic resurgence.”

It seems like almost every public appearance for Biden involves at least one embarrassment – for himself and for the country. It is impossible to hide Biden’s mental failings. Rather than being amusing, his apparent cognitive decline has become a national security concern. How long will Democrats and the media continue to ignore this man’s problems?

In public appearances, he speaks gibberish and loses track of what he’s saying. These things might be understandable for an elderly man, but not for a president. There is no doubt that Biden is incapable of running the country. Which only raises the question — if Biden’s not calling the shots, who is?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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