MAGA WINS! Karoline Leavitt Mows Down Primary Opponent In New Hampshire

MAGA WINS! Karoline Leavitt Mows Down Primary Opponent In New Hampshire
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The establishment machine was just handed another loss on Tuesday as potentially the country’s youngest female congresswoman smashes her primary opponent. 

Across the country we are watching America First candidates sweep the primaries, as the establishment is losing touch with their base. In a potentially historic election cycle coming up in New Hampshire, we could see the youngest female ever elected to congress this November.

Daily wire writes. On Tuesday, Trump-Republican Karoline Leavitt won the GOP primary for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

After working in the press shop of former President Donald Trump and for Rep. Elise Stefanik, Leavitt could become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Last month, she turned 25.

Following her election, Leavitt asked the Republican party to unite and pull together in an interview.

Karoline Leavitt has received an overwhelming amount of support from America first politicians.

Stefanik and other Trump allies, including Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, endorsed Leavitt.

Furthermore, Leavitt was backed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who campaigned with her in New Hampshire last week.

As a rebuke, establishment Republican PACs and allies bought over 5 million dollars worth of ads against Leavitt. When the dollar amounts for the AD buys came out Leavitt was quoted as saying “it tells me that folks know we’re the one who’s going to win this race and defeat Chris Pappas.” 

Turns out she was right.

The establishment elite in both parties should be paying attention to the American peoples choices when it comes to completely rejecting establishment candidates. As we have seen with Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and others who feel their opinions matter more than their constituents, the people are kicking them out of Washington DC.

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