Congressman Caught Napping On house Floor

Congressman Caught Napping On house Floor
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A New York Democrat was caught snoozing again after the Congressionally mandated milk and cookies break. 

Good ole Jerry Nadler, chairman of the house judiciary committee is famous for his frequent naps, and often has to be woken up by his staffers.

Nypost reports. A member of the country’s House Democratic committee chairs was asleep at the wheel when they gathered earlier this year for a Zoom check-in.

Representative Jerry Nadler – chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – napped as powerful elected officials planned, strategized and informed their colleagues of their plans.

According to Matt Gaetz, who serves alongside Nadler on the judiciary committee, “staff have to wake him up regularly during hearings.”.

“I don’t think it’s like Dianne Feinstein,” said one House Democrat who works closely with Nadler — referencing the famously out-of-it 89-year-old California senator. “You can just tell he’s not … as engaged with others.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sidelined Nadler during former President Trump’s first impeachment hearing in 2019 because of his deterioration, according to two House insiders.

Let’s see one of his famous napping incidents.

Ok, ok one more.

Wait. We cannot forget the one time he had an “accident” live on TV

We hear that the smell was horrendous.

Despite Jerry Nadler’s shortcomings he recently smashed his primary opponent.

After a bruising and bitter Manhattan primary in August, Jerry Nadler defeated Carolyn Maloney convincingly in an election that pitted the longtime allies against each other and divided much of New York politics. The political chaos for Manhattan Democrats is probably not over yet.

Should Nadler decide to retire in the next decade, his age and health will only further fuel a nascent backroom competition to succeed him. Maloney herself attacked Nadler for his poor debate performances, citing a New York Post editorial that called him senile. Nadler was not a robust presence on the campaign trail relative to Maloney and Patel, and there’s the open question of how long he’d want to serve if Democrats fall into the minority next year. But so long as Democrats control the House, he will chair the Judiciary Committee. That much is clear.

Looks like Nadler has taken his cues from sleepy Joe Biden, but he still has one up on the President – He can still speak in sentences that we can understand. We know Nadler’s health is failing and we wish his wife success in her battle with cancer. But this highlights why politicians who are too old like Nadler, and Feinstein should not be in office.

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