SHOTS FIRED! John Kirby Backed Into A RACIST Corner After WH Reporter Asks Him Awkward Question

SHOTS FIRED! John Kirby Backed Into A RACIST Corner After WH Reporter Asks Him Awkward Question
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There’s major Drama in the White House this week after John Kirby was accused of stealing another person’s job. A reporter asked him about this during a White House Press Briefing and the exchange was intense. Wait until you see his response 

Look at Karine! Someone is coming for your job 

The Daily Wire Reports. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was accused of undermining White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in a tense exchange with a reporter, 

At the White House press briefing on Friday, Today News Africa White House reporter Simon Ateba asked Kirby to clarify the confusion he encountered when talking to everyday people who claimed Kirby was acting like a “second press secretary” and trying to undermine the first black press secretary. Kirby said it was “regrettable” that anyone would get that idea and stressed that he is solely focused on national security issues.

Kirby was visibly stunned by the question and said “If anyone gets any kind of idea in their head that I’m taking away from Karine or her work, that’s really regrettable,”

The retired rear admiral served as Pentagon press secretary from January 2021 until May 2022, when he joined the White House as the National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications. During the Obama administration, he was the Pentagon’s spokesman.

Prior to Jean-Pierre’s appointment as White House Press Secretary, Kirby was rumored to be a favorite to replace Jen Psaki. Still, Kirby began appearing alongside Jean-Pierre at press briefings to answer national security questions. In private, other members of the press corps made an observation similar to Ateba’s, according to the New York Post

Karine Jean-Pierre may need to watch her back as it seems John Kirby is gunning for her position. While Kirby denied the claims, it seems that he may be trying to weasel his way into a new position. In a few months we may see him replace Karine. What do you think?

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