Here’s Why Gavin Newsom Will Lose If He Runs For President In 2024

Here's Why Gavin Newsom Will Lose If He Runs For President In 2024
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Gavin Newsom is running for president in 2024, if Joe Biden doesn’t make it to the finish line, but he’s bound to lose because of the crime and education problems in California.

Liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom is widely expected to launch a 2024 presidential bid, but he may want to rethink things. According to Leo Tarrell, Newsom would lose by a wide margin if he ran against President Donald Trump in 2024. Ouch! Clearly, the people of America aren’t ready for another West Coast politician who can’t keep their state from descending into chaos. Sorry, Governor Newsom – you’re bound to lose!

According to Fox News. contributor Leo Terrell citing various issues plaguing the Golden State as reasons Newsom would fail in a 2024 Presidential bid.

According to The Daily Wire. As he attacks popular Republican governors and places ads for California in Republican-led states, Newsom has fuelled rumors of a presidential run.

Despite not adhering to the COVID lockdown policies himself, Newsom survived a recall campaign after his COVID lockdown policies made him increasingly unpopular in the state. It was perhaps most evident during the French Laundry incident, when he told Californians to stay home while dining at an elite restaurant.

YouGovAmerica reports that Newsom has a popularity rating of 31%, while 29% say they dislike him.

It will be interesting to see how California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s presidential campaign plays out, especially considering the many issues plaguing his state. Fox News contributor Leo Terrell argued that there is no incentive for Americans to vote for him, given the high crime rate, poor schools, and growing homeless population ravaging his state. Perhaps he should just sit this one out with his elite buddies at French Laundry—Americans have had enough of liberal policies!

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