Joe Biden Is Finished, Democrat Voters Make it Known They Don’t Want Him Anymore

Joe Biden Is Finished, Democrat Voters Make it Known They Don't Want Him Anymore
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Things keep getting worse for the Biden Administration as a whopper of a poll just came back signaling that the Democrat party is done with Biden as President.

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During the last year of his presidency, Joe Biden has been on the ropes, and polls are showing that the situation is only getting worse. Biden’s favorability ratings are suffering from inflation, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and his Darth Brandon speech.

Washington Examiner writes. Democrats appear eager for someone other than President Joe Biden to be the party’s 2024 presidential nominee.

According to an ABC News and Washington Post poll, 56% of Democratic-registered voters and Democratic-leaning voters want another candidate to be the nominee. Only 35% of respondents prefer Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024.

The president’s approval rating fell to new lows among liberals (68%), southerners (33%), and middle- to upper-middle-class people (34%). Black adults also approved of Biden at a record low 31%.

There is a growing trend among Democrats who will not endorse Biden for reelection.

On the flipside of the poll, Donald Trump looks great for re-election if he were to run in 2024.

Next News Network writes. A  poll found that 82 percent of Republican voters think former President Trump could win the 2024 election, and 59 percent think he “deserves reelection” and should be the Republican nominee.

Interestingly, 90 percent of Republican voters think Trump “is willing to use all tools at their disposal to get things done for the country,” compared with 73 percent of Democrats who said the same of Biden.

Biden is the oldest U.S. president ever elected and in November, he will be 80 years old. At the time when voters go to cast their votes in the 2024 election on Tuesday, November 5, 2024, Biden will be roughly two weeks away from turning 82 years old.

With all of the Senior moments Biden is suffering from, and all the craziness that he is causing he should just resign from office now and save America from the insanity he is causing.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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