Putin Promises Nuclear Attack if U.S. Interferes – Biden Wakes Up From His Nap to Finally Respond

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Officials in the Biden administration are responding to Vladimir Putin’s latest nuclear threat against the west.

The Washington Examiner writes, Biden administration officials have warned Kremlin leaders that if they use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, there will be “catastrophic consequences,” but have not specified what those consequences could be.

U.S. officials have stepped up their warnings after Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened such military action again.

As we reported last week, On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western countries that his country’s nuclear threats are “not a bluff.”

Over the weekend, National security Advisory Jake Sullivan told ABC News that the U.S. has directly” and “privately” to the Russians about the possibility and warned them that “the United States will respond decisively, alongside our allies and partners.”

In addition, John Kirby, coordinator of the National Security Council, said that use of a nuclear weapon in Ukraine would have “severe consequences,” though he declined to give specific details.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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