What Was in the Box? Texas Couple’s Unknown Surprise And then a Visit From Biden’s ATF

What Was in the Box? Texas Couple's Unknown Surprise And then a Visit From Biden’s ATF
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When this Texas couple opened a case they bought in an online military surplus auction, they get more than they bargained for – including a visit by the ATF and FBI

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Government surplus auctions have some pretty amazing stuff in them, such as humvees, deuce and halves, and random equipment. Lots of people bid on the items daily, and in the case of the Texas couple they received way more than they bargained for.

According to the Washington Examiner. Following an online purchase of gun storage cases, a couple in Texas received an armory of M16 fully-automatic assault rifles.

According to a report, the Houston couple, whose identities have not been released, purchased roughly 100 gun storage cases via eBay.


The Feds had immediate interest in the couple who reported the rifles to authorities. 

It is unclear who is legally responsible for the gross mistake. ABC13 contacted the online store that sold the gun cases. Since then, the company has taken all other cases available for sale off the market while it conducts an internal investigation. A representative from the company told ABC13 that it directly contracts with the Department of Defense to sell surplus equipment, which would not include any weapons.

While the ATF confirms that it is investigating along with the FBI, it will not say how many weapons were recovered. It is unknown how many other boxes contained M16s, but ABC13 confirms there were at least a dozen.

While the guns do have several iterations, they are considered fully automatic under federal firearms standards.

I couldn’t imagine how that must have felt opening that case and knowing that every federal agency will soon be injecting themselves into your life. I can’t imagine how many others bought those cases with the same amount of hardware, and didn’t report to the authorities.

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Next News Network Team

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