DAMAGE CONTROL: Media SCRAMBLING After Biden Looks For Dead Woman He Just Memorialized

DAMAGE CONTROL: Media SCRAMBLING After Biden Looks For Dead Woman He Just Memorialized
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 After Joe Biden called out for a dead congresswoman, you’d think that the left would be concerned about his mental state, but, the exact opposite is happening. They are actually in full on damage control more covering for his clear mental decline.

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In case you missed it, on Wednesday, President Biden asked a number of times where “Jackie” was during a White House event on hunger, nutrition and health. Jackie Walorski is a deceased congresswoman for Indiana who passed away in a car accident earlier this year. 

And now, the left is going all in to try and defend Biden for his sick slipup. 

According to the Daily Wire, the left’s excuse for Biden’s slipup is not that he has dementia, they think he just doesn’t care. 

Take Whoopi Goldberg’s thoughts on it, for example.

And here’s Whoopi’s co-host, Sunny Hostin, who blamed “ageism” for the fact that Americans were concerned when their president appeared not to be aware that the woman he was asking for was deceased.

After Biden made the mistake, his press secretary made things worse when she did not apologize to the late congresswoman’s family and instead told reporters that Walorski was “on top of Biden’s mind” which is why he asked for her.

As pointed out by former Trump official and host of “This Is Your Country,” Paige Willey, Biden “wasn’t trying to be disrespectful—yet Walorksi’s family will never get an apology because the white house [sic] can’t admit how debilitated he is.”

Neither the White House, nor the left, will ever acknowledge that Joe Biden’s mental state is rapidly deteriorating. So instead, they’ll unwittingly defend Biden at all costs. I’m old enough to remember when They attacked Trump’s mental state around the clock. The hypocrisy is glaring..

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