Who Knew Chocolate Candies Could be Trans? M&M’s About To Get Broke Going Woke

Who Knew Chocolate Candies Could be Trans? M&M’s About To Get Broke Going Woke
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 M&M’s are reaching for a new level of wokeness, as they introduce a new purple m&m who is intent on promoting inclusivity and acceptance. 

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M&M’s is just one of the major corporate brands that is moving into full blown wokeness, as corporate and media giants all rush to out woke one and another.

Daily wire writes.  A new M&M “spokescandy” will be promoting “acceptance and inclusivity” with her presence, according to Mars, Inc.

“I’m Just Gonna Be Me” introduces the brand’s new mascot with a song about overcoming self-doubt. No explicit references to sexuality are made, but the purple character has long eyelashes typically associated with female M&M characters and wears white combat boots. 

Although this corporate virtue signal is meant to create unity, some fear it will cause outrage.

CNN reports. Purple has a specific personality — quirky, confident and just a little awkward.  This doesn’t mean that a purple M&M is coming to bags of Peanut M&M’S, however.

Jane Hwang Global Vice president of M&M’s said “The new character will appear in stores, on the M&M’S website and on some limited edition packaging,  And customers will be able to buy purple M&M’S online, an option that was already available” But when it comes to a regular bag of peanut M&M’S, purple fans are out of luck.

That could be a new source of outrage.

In the mid-90s, people voted for blue to replace tan in bags of the candy. In 2002, M&M’S once again asked people to vote, this time for a color that would be added for just a limited time. Purple won, but didn’t stick around for long.

Leave it to a major corporation to spend millions of dollars to present a “Woke” M&M character then not put it into bags of M&M’s. That seems to send the signal of – We’re really only doing this to appease the liberal 1% so they don’t cancel the candy online, and yet keep the purple from the stores where people would avoid buying the woke candy. Good Move Mars Candy.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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