HAHA! NYC Mayor Adams BREAKS DOWN, Closes Big Apple To Illegals, Begs Biden To Close Border

HAHA! NYC Mayor Adams BREAKS DOWN, Closes Big Apple To Illegals, Begs Biden To Close Border
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A liberal Mayor is finally had enough when it comes to illegal immigrants flowing across the border and ending up in his city.

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Liberal mayors and governors are calling uncle to the strain caused by Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis’ efforts to send busloads of illegal immigrants to liberal sanctuary cities from their border states.

The Post Millennial writes. In a news conference on Monday, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the far left wing of his own party is “doing nothing” on the border issue.

In an interview with the New York Post, Adams said, “The far right is doing the wrong thing, and the far left is doing nothing. I don’t believe the silence I’m hearing.”


This statement comes after over 10,000 illegal immigrants have been bussed from Texas to New York city, which is a sanctuary state and city.

Next news network reported.  Adams wants $500 million in federal funding to deal with the flood of migrants entering the Big Apple, leading bipartisan critics to wonder why he doesn’t demand that President Biden stop the flow. Midway through the summer, city officials privately asked the White House for the emergency cash, saying it would cover just one year’s worth of spending on migrants who Adams has said are straining the city’s shelter system to breaking point.

Since April, more than 10,000 migrants have been bussed from Texas to New York City, which has a right-to-shelter law requiring it to house anyone in need.

I’m amazed. For a few thousand illegal aliens, Adams wants $500 million of your money.

The money will only cover expenses for one year.

The true immensity of the border crisis is apparently sinking in with some liberal leaders. Over 2.2 MILLION illegals have crossed the border this year alone, and that only counts the ones we had interactions with; not the hundreds of thousands that have had no interactions with border patrol agents. Yes Adams, something needs to be done. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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