Want Smaller Hurricanes? Vote Democrat LOL!

Want Smaller Hurricanes? Vote Democrat LOL!
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Democrats are out in force saying that they need to win midterm elections, in order to control mother nature herself. 

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Democrats are out making outlandish claims playing on people’s fears wanting smaller hurricanes, and tying it to the midterm elections. Hold onto your sanity for this one.

As he seemed to blame the size and intensity of recent storms on climate change, Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), the Democrat challenging Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in Florida’s upcoming gubernatorial election, suggested that hurricane response must include addressing climate change.

Lets Watch.

Charlie Crist is not the only Democrat telling people how to get smaller hurricanes, we have this gem from another liberal loony Amy Klobuchar.

These people are being serious. It is quite scary yet hilarious. But the sad thing is that a lot of people will believe them. 

But weather has existed forever right?

Washington post reports. Approximately 100 hurricanes have made landfall in Florida, representing more than 41 percent of US hurricanes. According to NOAA Florida has the second-longest coastline — 1,350 miles — among states, behind Alaska. Located in warm tropical waters, the state lies directly in the path of hurricanes traveling across the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Florida’s hurricane activity tends to pick up in September and October, when storms are more likely to form in the western Caribbean, in the Bay of Campeche off the Yucatán Peninsula and in the southern Gulf of Mexico, as the ocean temperature rises. Landfalling hurricanes are particularly common on Florida’s southeast coast and panhandle. Ian is aimed at the less-struck western coast of Florida, near Tampa Bay. More than a century has passed since a major storm hit the Tampa Bay area

For thousands of years mankind has been attempting to control the weather. Now with 170 years of empirical data on actual temperatures and weather patterns, climate change is a thing. First it was global cooling, then acid rain, next was the ozone layer, and now it is global warming. But they compare our temperatures now to those after the mini ice age that ended in the 1700’s and 1800’s. We admit that mankind does have an influence with pollution and other factors, but how big of an influence? We probably won’t know those answers for a couple hundred years. But fear not Voting democrat will fix it! Get real.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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