JUST IN: ABC’s The View: 74 Million Americans Are Now RACIST

JUST IN: ABC’s The View: 74 Million Americans Are Now RACIST
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The view has now taken shots at 74 million Americans calling them racists.

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You would think for a show that airs 5 days a week in the morning that they would have something else to talk about besides Donald Trump. Turns out, they don’t.

Breitbart reports. According to Ana Navarro, people who defended, voted for or worked for former President Donald Trump were responsible for his racism.

A panelist discussed Trump saying on Truth Social Saturday that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had a “death wish” for supporting Democratic bills and that his wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, was a “China-loving wife.”


The hosts of The View just love calling people racist, its like their only word they use when they want their ratings to go up; or in this case when they want a woke shows ratings to go up.

Next News network reported. The Panel on The View  believes that people who dislike “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” are just racists.

The co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, took a lead in calling out critics, claiming they had a problem with black actors in the casts. Her message was to remind them that fantasy shows are fiction and that dragons and hobbits are not real.

The View is a dying show, they have fired hosts and are bragging about bringing on a conservative host. Only problem is that the conserative host is a RINO. The show just wants to pander to the 1% of the left that is the most extreme, and the rest of America is left to suffer for it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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