Republican Gets SHOCKING Endorsement From An OBAMA!

Republican Gets SHOCKING Endorsement From An OBAMA!
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The midterms are heating up, and it appears that a very large political name has come out to give an endorsement that will surely make his brother livid!

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Round 3 fight! The midterm battle in Pennsylvania is going full tilt ahead of the November elections, which is a little over a month away. Now with a huge name coming out to endorse him it appears that the Pennsylvania governor’s race is reaching the next level.

Western journal reports.  Doug Mastriano, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, has received the endorsement of Barack Obama’s half-brother. In a tweet on Sunday, Malik Obama endorsed Mastriano. 

But wait, the plot thickens. In 2020 Josh Shapiro touted President Obama’s endorsement. 


It appears that the brothers are duking it out in the political arena. 

While the opponents are going off on each other, another major endorsement happened for Mastriano.

Politico writes.  A last-minute decision by the former president to publicly support Mastriano gave him another win to boast about on primary night. The endorsement stung not only some of his own aides and allies — who warned him about Mastriano’s electability issues — it also roiled a large swath of influential lawmakers and party officials in the state who now say Trump’s endorsement could end up damaging his own 2024 prospects in Pennsylvania, in the event he runs again. 


With Malik Obama, and Donald Trump’s endorsements it appears that the sky’s the limit for Doug Mastriano. Let’s hope the Pennsylvania voters agree.

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