Portland Mayor caught on camera Laughing at Concerned Resident Over Homeless Takeover

Portland Mayor caught on camera Laughing at Concerned Resident Over Homeless Takeover
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That is right, the ruling class woke elitist Mayor of Portland, Oregon Ted Wheeler has little concern for the common folk, even laughing in the face of concerned citizens.

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Portland Oregon is a garbage dump. Unless you’re part of the ruling elite that is. In a recent town hall meeting citizens are raising concerns about homeless encampments and crime.  Nero himself TedWheeler cares little for the people he has dominion over, as long as the wine and food keep coming.

Breitbart reports.  The mayor’s reaction to the city’s homeless problem on Wednesday offended a woman who moved to Portland for its leftist values. During a virtual city council meeting, Rose expressed her concerns about encampments throughout the city, the Daily Mail reported.

What a prick, his city is burning and he is just laughing. This is literally the symptom of the disease, wokeness. Those infected with the Liberal Wokeness disease care little for the outcomes of their actions as long as they can justify it as serving their cause. People like Wheeler have no business in serving others.

Portland has seen a massive spike of homeless encampments as thousands of tents have popped up in neighborhoods. 

In areas extending from downtown Portland to the suburbs, homeless populations set up camp on sidewalks littered with waste.

According to Rose, the root of the homelessness issue is apparently untreated drug addiction, and this will continue until city leaders acknowledge and address the issue.

Nero sat on his balcony and composed songs and poems as fires burned 10  out of 14 of Rome’s districts. The same thing is happening in Portland the ruling class is laughing and poking fun at the plight of their lowly residents, how dare those lowly people question the reasoning of the leaders. Just like with Rome, it fell from within. Americans should take a note from that lesson in history.

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